Martin Comben is a leading expert in the Cobalt-60 Irradiation and Radiation Processing Industries

Martin is a well known figure within the industrial irradiation and radiation processing industries with over 30 years of experience working with operators and suppliers to the industry.  His career within the industry started in 1984 when he joined Amersham International through the successful launch and development of PURIDEC Irradiation Technologies.  Most recently Martin has been International Business Manager at REVISS Services (now Nordion UK) and now acts as an independent Consultant to users, suppliers and investors in industrial irradiation, radiation processing and medical device sterilization. 

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Martin has regularly undertaken business in Europe, USA, Asia and the Middle East and he has a thorough understanding of the radiation processing and medical device sterilization markets.  He is objectives driven and results focused and has a track record of developing business and successfully managing projects within this complex environment.  Martin's expertise includes: the issues surrounding supply, use and disposal of Cobalt-60 sources; the Cobalt-60 supply chain from raw material producers (reactors) to source suppliers and end-users; the business and operational requirements of suppliers and users; and the demanding technical, quality and regulatory requirements of the industry.  He understands the capabilities of the well established and emerging suppliers and has fostered relationships with those people and organisations that can best meet the various needs of the industry.

Martin has conducted business with most contract irradiation service providers; many leading global medical device manufacturers; large and small suppliers to the industry; investment banks and venture capital firms; the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA); and various Government bodies internationally.

Martin supports the radiation processing industry as 'General Manager - Gamma Irradiation' at the International Irradiation Association (  He is also a member of the Panel on Gamma & Electron Irradiation ( and other institutes and working groups of experts that have a diverse interest in radiation processing and the security and transport of radioactive material. 


Martin has has presented at the International Meeting on Radiation Processing, has papers published in The Journal for Radiation Physics and Chemistry and has articles published in the medical device industry press.  Martin was born in 1963 and lives near London, U.K.                                                                              


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