May 2021:  Publication of Methodology for Assessing the Security Arrangements at Gamma Irradiation Facilities

This methodology document has now been published and is available at this link to the WINS website.  Martin prepared this joint iia/WINS document to provide a methodology for conducting a security assessment of a gamma irradiator and gives practcal guidance on reviewing and measuring security.  Thank you to those irradiation industry organisations that provided input and reviewed this document.  


March 2021:  Denial of Shipments

Martin has contributed to a video that will be presented at the IAEA Technical Meeting 'Denial of Shipments - Issues and Solutions'.  A denial can be defined as a refusal to carry a shipment of radioactive material even though it conforms to all the applicable regulations.  The video calls for the re-establishment of National Focal Points within IAEA Member States to ensure that the causes and instances of denials are addressed and successfully resolved.  The video can be viewed at this link.

Janaury 2021:  2021 is set to be another productive year ​despite the current challenges

A busy start to the New Year with Martin hosting and participating in a number of meetings during January including: iia's Gamma Working Group; the Orgainising Committee of the 20th International Meeting on Radiation Processing (IMRP20); the Gamma Irradiation Processing Alliance; the Transport Facilitation Working Group; and the Source Security Working Group.  Martin will also be contributing to the Panel on Gamma & Electron Irradiation AGM in April 2021.   


November 2020:  Uses and Applications of Radiation Processing ​

Martin has completed the White Paper 'Uses and Applications of Radiation Processing' on behalf of the International Irradiation Association.  This high level document supports irradiation technologies and the radiation processing industry by highlighting the importance and value of radiation processing and the global economic, social and environmental benefits that arise from irradiation technologies.  The iia White Paper can be viewed here

September 2020:  Gamma Irradiator Security Webinar 

Martin hosted a joint iia/WINS webinar on the Security of Gamma Irradiation Facilities used for Radiation Processing.  The webinar was attended by over 250 people and included contributions from gamma irradiator operators as well as physical and cyber security experts.  The objective of the webinar was to share lessons learned from strengthening gamma irradiator security and to encourage participants to explore the topic further.

July 2020:  Gamma Working Group 

Martin Chaired the inaugural meeing of iia's Gamma Working Group (GWG) with members of the gamma radiation processing industry from Europe, North America and Latin America.  GWG initiatives for 2020 and early 2021 were agreed and three projects for the benefit of the irradiation industry were progressed. 


May 2020:  Supporting radiation processing globally 

Martin is working with organisations in Canada, China, Europe, India, Latin America and USA on the production of a high level report that highlights the socio-economic and environmental benefits of irradiation and the regional importance of the application of gamma, e-beam and X-ray technologies.  This advocacy document will be published by the iia later in 2020. 

March 2020:  Publication of Best Practice Guide on Security of Cobalt-60 

The guide, 'Security of Radioactive Sources Used in Industrial Radiation Processing' has now been published and is available at this link to the WINS website.  Martin prepared this joint iia/WINS Best Practice Guide with the objective of demonstrating that the radiation processing industry is engaged and active in managing the security of Cobalt-60 sources.  Thank you to those industry organisations that provided input and reviewed this document. 

February 2020:  Nuclear Technology Saves Lives!

Martin's article 'Nuclear Technology Saves Lives!' has been published by World Nuclear University.  The relationship between nuclear and human health through clean air and Cobalt-60 is summarised.  Read the article at this link to WNU.  

January 2020:  Washington DC meetings

Martin joined Working Groups and NGOs to discuss current irradiation industry topics with users and suppliers of Cobalt-60.  Martin, participating as General Manager of Gamma Irradiation for the International Irradiation Association, also met with US regulators and representatives of the broader irradiation industry.        


November 2019:  Joint iia/WINS Best Practice Guide

Martin has commenced work on a best practice guide for users of Cobalt-60 sources in radiation processing.  This is a joint iia/WINS initiative with input from users and suppliers of gamma irradiation facilities and Cobalt-60.  The guide is due for publication during the first quarter of 2020.

October 2019:  WINS-ISSPA Workshop on the Security of Disused Sources, Vienna

Martin contributed to this workshop that was organised by the World Institute of Nuclear Security (WINS) and the International Source Suppliers and Producers Association (ISSPA).  The workshop was attended by suppliers to the radiation processing industry, the IAEA and US and European Regulators.  Regulatory, operational and financial considerations and options for handling disused sources were reviewed. 

September 2019:  Cybersecurity Best Practices for Users of Radioactive Sources, Vienna

Martin participated in this meeting of representatives from the irradiation industries, regulators and security experts.  The specifc threats, risks and considerations for users of radiation sources were presented, demostrated and discussed.  Guidance on cybersecurity from IAEA and regulators is expected before the end of 2020.

July 2019:  Opportunities for Radiation Processing

Radiation processing adds value to products and supports industries that are robust with sustainable growth in demand.  Please read Martin's article 'Opportunities for Radiation Processing' at this link to LinkedIn. 

June 2019:  Martin appointed as iia 'General Manager - Gamma Irradiation'

Martin is now 'General Manager - Gamma Irradiation' at the International Irradiation Association (iia).  This move is in line with Martin's background and experience in gamma irradiation and Cobalt-60 and enables greater focus on the support and issues of these industries. 

May 2019:  Martin presents at IAEA, Vienna
Martin presented at the IAEA ‘Open-ended Meeting of Legal and Technical Experts on Implementation of the Code of Conduct on the Safety and Security of Radioactive Sources'.  Martin, representing the iia, reviewed the approach taken by the radiation processing industry to ensure safety and security of Cobalt-60 sources and the need to maintain an engaged, collaborative and balanced approach to the issue.


May 2019:  Alternative Technologies meeting, Vienna
Martin participated in a meeting of the 'Working Group on Alternative Technologies to High-Activity Radioactive Sources'.  The goal of the meeting was to capture specific considerations for the use of alternatives, including: operational and regulatory drivers; issues and needs of adopting alternative technologies; and potential future initiatives and direction.

April 2019:  Martin presents at IMRP19, Strasbourg
Martin participated in the Gamma Topical Issues Workshop at IMRP19 where he presented about how industry and NGOs are addressing issues relating to the transport of Cobalt-60.  Martin was also proud to announce the winners of the iia Laureate Awards on the final day of the conference.  There was much positive feedback about the programme and organisation of IMRP19 that was organised by the International Irradiation Association.    

Countdown to IMRP19 'Where Business and Science Connect'      

Martin is Chair of the Organising Committee of the 19th International Meeting on Radiation Processing (IMRP19), the leading international event for those involved in the application or science of radiation processing.  The IMRP19 programme includes sessions on Global Developments (regional and application updates), Advances in Radiation Science and Applications (healthcare, advanced material, food irradiation) and Technology (dosimetry, modelling, in-line processing etc.).  There will also be a pre-IMRP19 training course on Radiation Processing for Advanced Materials and workshops on Dosimetry and Gamma Irradiation Topical Issues.   


December 2018:  Martin meets with ONR, London      

Martin met with representatives of the Office for Nuclear Regulation (ONR) at their offices in London.  ONR is responsible for the regulation of nuclear safety and security across the UK.  This includes regulation of safety and security during the transport of radioactive material and the approval of package designs to ensure that they meet international safety standards.

November 2018:  Martin presents at Irradiation Panel meeting, Brussels      

Martin presented an update on the development of the Society for Sterility Assurance Professionals (SfSAP) on behalf of iia at the bi-annual meeting of the Panel on Gamma & Electron Irradiation.  SfSAP aims to provide certification that demonstrates competency in sterility assurance that is recognised by regulatory bodies and industry.  Martin also contributed to the inaugural meeting of the Panel's X-ray Working Group. 

September 2018:  Martin presents at IAEA, Vienna
Martin presented at a side meeting of the IAEA 62nd General Conference about 'Denials and Delays of Shipments of Nuclear and Other Radioactive Material'.  The presentation covered the important applications of Cobalt-60 and the potential impact of denial and delay to the sterilisation of medical devices and treatment of patients by radiation therapy.  

August 2018:  Martin presents at IRaP 2018, Moscow
Martin presented 'A Review of the Radiation Processing Industry' at the 13th International Symposium on Ionizing Radiation and Polymers (IRaP2018).  IRaP is an important forum for discussing the effects of ionizing radiation on polymers that are used in a variety of fields ranging from medicine and biotechnology to nuclear power production and space technology. 

July 2018:  Martin presents at IAEA, Vienna
Martin presented at the IAEA ‘Open-ended Meeting of Legal and Technical Experts on Implementation of the Guidance on the Import and Export of Radioactive Sources' attended by 126 regulators and experts representing 83 countries.  Martin reviewed the impact of the Guidance on the radiation processing industry, summarised the beneficial applications of irradiation and highlighted the importance of reliable and timely transport, import and export to the Cobalt-60 supply chain.  

May 2018:  Martin meets with TFWG, London
Martin met with the Chair of the Transport Facilitation Working Group (TFWG) at the offices of the World Nuclear Association in London.  TFWG is a standing group of experts whose role is to propose strategies and activities necessary to facilitate the safe and secure global transport of radioactive materials.

March 2018:  Martin elected as Officer of the Irradiation Panel
Martin was elected as Secretary of the Panel on Gamma & Electron Irradiation at the Panel's AGM held at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in London.  The Panel is a group of experts with diverse interests in radiation processing.


January 2018:  Martin completes Cobalt-60 source recycling project 
Martin completed the management of a multi-national and multi-organisation project to recycle a large number of end-of-life Cobalt-60 sources formerly used in radiation processing.