Martin is now able to apply his industry experience and market knowledge to your business​. A broad range of services that will make a real contribution to your business and add value to your projects is offered.  ​All services are performed in a professional manner and can be undertaken on a flexible and confidential basis.​


Over 30 years of experience has given Martin a deep knowledge of the industrial irradiation and radiation processing industry.  His current industry activities ensure up to date market insight and knowledge of important industry matters.  Areas of consultancy include: industry structure and market analysis; technology, application and geographic evaluation; issues surrounding supply, use and disposal of Cobalt-60 sources; Cobalt-60 supply chain structure and emerging issues; and the commercial, operational and regulatory environment.


Martin can add real value to your business through his understanding of the complex technical and operational requirements of the industrial irradiation and radiation processing industry and the demanding regulatory environment in which it operates.  Martin has a track record of generating new business and can help you to develop a business strategy that can be implemented with confidence.


Martin has been called on to provide in-depth industry and market intelligence by a number of US and European suppliers and investors in industrial irradiation and radiation processing.  This has included contracts to: provide industry structure, supply chain and supply and demand data; perform market analysis and competitive benchmarking; and for the extended and detailed participation in pre-investment commercial due diligence.


Martin's broad industry experience enables him to manage projects effectively from the conceptual and definition phases through to implementation and closeout.  A professional and structured approach is taken to define deliverables at each stage and to ensure that risks and costs are controlled.  Regular reporting of the project status ensures that you are fully aware of key developments throughout the process.


Martin has developed relationships with a wide range of industry experts and specialist product and service suppliers that can support the industrial irradiation and radiation processing business.  Having worked on projects with many of these suppliers, he is very well placed to identify, assess, differentiate and recommend specialist companies that can meet the industry’s routine or more unusual requirements.

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